Featured Mixtape: Haphwey Releases Debut EP “The Invasion”

It’s finally here! I am proud to release Haphwey‘s debut EP right here on UNDRGRND NATION! The Invasion consists of seven tracks that all reflect on the “corruption” that Haphwey has noticed in the media. As he has stated:

THE INVASION EP is a statement against what I’m seeing/hearing in the media; corruption. I may have called certain people out on this, but for the most part I’m generalizing. We watch others get handed the throne, while the good always have to work for it.

Produced entirely by Haphwey himself, The Invasion may consist of some “beats” that you wouldn’t necessarily expect on a hip hop tape but he successfully uses them and almost makes his own sound. This is definitely a solid freshmen effort and I’m happy to have our name on this project.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Bump the Unfamiliar Noise” and “Brown Nose Romance”


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